Henoch WajsbergHenoch Wajsberg

Technical Translations & Localization into Dutch

English, Hebrew » DUTCH

B.A. Social Sciences (HR management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), 1974
Mother tongue Dutch, fluent in English, Hebrew and German, good notions of French
Since 1989 Technical translator

  • Localization of Telephony Software, including translation User Manuals and Help files (2,500,000 words)
  • Localization of Web Authoring Software, including Help files (300,000 words)
  • Localization of a system for interception and decoding of telecommunication activity and translation of manuals (200,000 words)
  • Localization of OCR devices, including translation of User Manual (100,000 words)
  • Translation of User Manuals for a system, used to monitor and intercept telephony activity (130,000 words)
  • Localization of Vehicle Spare Parts Storage and Ordering System, including translation of Manual and Help files (375,000 words)
  • Translation User Manuals for Architectural Software (5,000,000 words)
  • Translation and Adaptation Training Course MS-Word (10,000 words)
  • Translation and localization of an Internet dictionary tool
  • Translation of various User and Installation Manuals of Household Appliances
  • Translation of Patient tracking medical software
  • Translation of Insurance software

Contact henoch@wajsberg.co.il or (+972)52-3809038